One Teen’s Story: Having Someone Care Is the Most Precious Gift

By Shawanna B.*

As a child, holidays are magical. However, I never truly understood the struggle of holidays until I became a teen mom. Work, school, and taking care of my child made it impossible to enjoy Christmas. I had no money and was utterly tired.

baby in bouncy seatThis very topic became our discussion one evening at TPEP (Teen Parenting Empowerment Program). I cried as I listened to the other teen moms say that they were going through the same struggle as me. I was touched even further when Ms. Kahlil, our TPEP Coordinator, said that she has dealt with the same troubles. Then, Ms. Kahlil told us we wouldn’t have to worry this year. Our families were going to be sponsored for Christmas.

My heart filled with joy. Little did I know how much my sponsors would come to mean to me.

My sponsors are a wonderful family. We met for the first time during our HBP holiday celebration. They generously provided gifts for my son and me for Christmas.

But my sponsors did not stop with that one interaction.  We became friends. They truly wanted to know about my son and me and have made ongoing efforts to reach out to me. I email them every week to give them updates about our progress. We make plans to eat out together. This family has even attended several events at my school and at my son’s daycare to support us.

What started as a sponsorship at Christmas has come to mean so much more. I was truly thankful for the gifts my sponsors gave to my son and me. Yet having someone to listen to my story and care about me and my child was the most precious gift that anyone could ever give.

*name changed for confidentiality

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