Fatherhood Education Empowerment Development (FEED)

HBP has incorporated its fatherhood services into the TPEP program with the launch of its Fatherhood Education Empowerment Development Program (FEED), helping at-risk fathers to be equipped with healthy parenting and life skills. HBP staff member Linval Brown, himself a dad, is facilitator and program manager. He works with the fathers one-on-one and in small groups during TPEP meetings.

dad and babyMost HBP dads were abandoned by their fathers. Because healthy fatherhood was not modeled to them, they are uncertain about their role. FEED works to identify a father’s needs and help him take the next steps in healthy parenting.

Fathers and fathers-to-be are recruited to FEED a number of ways.

  • Through TPEP. Upon intake, mothers and mothers-to-be are encouraged to enlist the support of their child’s father and asked to invite fathers to meetings on- and off-site.
  • On their own initiative. In a number of cases, new fathers seek out help in order to be equipped to participate in their child’s life. Others connect with FEED in order to understand how to deal with emotional changes in their baby’s mothers during pregnancy.
  • For job opportunities. Men contact HBP in order to be connected with job opportunities.
  • Through our partners. Recently, one of our grantors expressed an immediate need for our FEED program in order to equip its clients, so now we hold sessions at their premises for their referrals.
  • Via home visitation. Our Family Social Workers regularly enroll fathers to the program during home visits.

Canvassing and recruitment to FEED is ongoing. If you or your group would like information about serving an at-risk father or father-to-be, please contact Linval Brown at (202) 396. 2809 or by email.