Healthy Babies Project, Inc. (HBP) is a private, not-for-profit, community-based support organization for District of Columbia pregnant and parenting women and families.

Our Mission

We help at-risk D.C. families have healthy babies and move out of the cycle of poverty.

TPEP mom and baby in blue shirtHow We Work

  • We reach out to high-risk, low-income, substance-abusing, pregnant and parenting women, men, and their families.
  • We remove barriers for health and success by helping clients identify what they need.
  • We work with service provider partners to connect women and families to resources including health care, housing, nutrition, mental health services, educational support, skills building, substance abuse support, and employment.
  • We stay with clients long-term to give them the best chance for success.

HBP Goals

We work with at-risk D.C. women and families to:

  • reduce infant mortality and low birth weight rates
  • improve D.C. infant health and reduce incidence of child abuse and neglect
  • prevent unplanned repeat pregnancies
  • increase the number of fathers who participate in parenting
  • provide structured health, prenatal, parenting, and childbirth education
  • provide safe haven shelter

Our Core Values

Integrated Care

Women, babies, and families have the best chance for health and well-being when all their needs are addressed: health care, mental health care, substance abuse, educational training, job skills planning, employment, and living situation.

One-on-One Support

People respond to personal attention. Intensive home visits, counseling, and long-term support offer new parents and families the best likelihood for healthy outcomes.


Families are the foundation of our society. We serve all members of the unit – mothers, fathers, children, and others – to help build strong, healthy families.

Community Collaboration

We cultivate reciprocal relationships with community organizations in order to meet our clients’ needs and offer our services to theirs.

Healthy Babies Project by the numbers

8,000 HBP home visits since 1991

2,500 women served since inception

1,500 D.C. residents directly and indirectly served each year

250 clients served in 2009

20 years of HBP service in the District of Columbia