The Teen Parent Empowerment Program (TPEP) equips teen parents to be responsible parents, prevent repeat pregnancies, complete their education and establish careers, and move out of the cycle of poverty.

Teens parents with healthy babyThe program launched in 2003 when HBP discovered –

  • numbers of pregnant teen clients served increased every year
  • pregnant teens had specific needs that could not be met by our regular services

Since 2005, 92% TPEP participants have graduated from high school, obtained GED, go on to college, training, the military, or become employed.

Who can participate?

The program accepts 30 high-risk teen applicants during each cycle. Participants are –

  • residents of the District of Columbia
  • ages 12-21
  • enrolled in HBP
  • receive all serviced offered to HBP clients
  • follow the TPEP program in its three phases

TPEP’s three-phase program spans 34 weeks.

Learn how to apply to the TPEP program by contacting HBP. Also, agencies can refer a teenager to TPEP using the TPEP Registration Form.

TPEP empowers participants to set and achieve goals, develop self-esteem and self-reliance, improve personal circumstances, connect to their culture and history, learn life skills, finish their education, and begin a career.

TPEP: Phase I

In Phase I, the teen parent –

  • learns the importance of each individual and builds a foundation for self-esteem, self-reliance, and respect for others
  • connects to her culture and history and builds a sense of pride and responsibility
  • understands how mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional components build a mature individual

TPEP clients meet weekly to participate in the 15-module Confident Parenting Program, the nation’s first culturally-adapted parenting skill-building program for African-Americans. Upon completion of Phase I, participants celebrate with a Rites of Passage Graduation Ceremony and move to Phase II.

TPEP: Phase II

  • Mother and BabyIn Phase II, the teen parent –
  • learns about pregnancy, STDs, and HIV prevention
  • sets personal short-term and long-term goals, including high school or GED completion, further education, and employment
  • receives training in parenting and relationship-building skills

During Phase II, teens –

  • meet weekly for TPEP activities
  • receive home visits and tracking: weekly for prenatal parents, monthly for postpartum parents during the first year, and quarterly during the second year.
  • meet monthly for educational sessions

Upon completion of Phase II, teen parents transition into Phase III

TPEP: Phase III or TPEP Remix

Phase III, also called TPEP The Remix, provides additional support for the teen parent who has completed Phases I & II.  During TPEP The Remix the teen parent –

  • grows in her self-awareness
  • understands the importance of pursuing higher education, choosing a career, and developing good financial management skills
  • learns about parenting and about herself through educating others

During Phase III, teens –

  • meet monthly for educational, health, home economics, financial education, and teen support sessions
  • receive monthly case management by a Nurse Case Manager and Family Support Worker
  • join the Teen Parent Leadership Council, which advises and plans for program’s next set of participants

Teens that complete the TPEP program participate in graduation and receive a $200 stipend.


T-PEP Outcomes 2005-2009


T-PEP Client Participation 2005-2009


T-PEP Program Outcomes 2005-2009