Jade: New Mom Returns to College After Pregnancy

My name is Jade and have an 11-month-old daughter.

I became pregnant while I was in college. It took me awhile to accept the fact that I was going to be responsible for someone else’s life. The staff at Healthy Babies Project helped me to understand the process better. Also, the parenting classes that they offered have given me the tools I needed to be a better parent to my daughter.

Now, I am taking courses to become a dental assistant.  This will allow me to provide for my daughter and me. Even so, attending school has set me back financially. Fortunately, I am graduating soon and hope to find a job in the next few months.

My HBP family support worker has given me a list of available dental assistant positions in the DC area. I am in the process of applying for as many as possible.  She also provided me with a list of jobs that are suitable for my boyfriend so he can get a better job, too.

My ultimate goal is to go back to college, obtain a bachelor’s degree, and get an even better job. I don’t want my child to suffer financially like I have. Also a college degree will allow me to have a better outlook on life. Getting an education is a big accomplishment – one I’m determined to achieve. I’m grateful for the help I have received from Healthy Babies Project and its supporters. Now I have hope for a better life.

Wish List

$10                  A bag of diapers
$25                  Outfit for baby
$50                  Shoes for mother and baby
$100                Professional clothes for classes, interviews, and work
$500                Dental assistant school loan repayment

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