“HBP Helped Me Leave a Violent Situation”

By Jewell G.
My name is Jewell. I came to Healthy Babies Project two years ago to seek counseling as I was just about to become a parent and knew nothing about parenting.  At that time, I was twenty-two years old and in a domestic violence situation.

HBP helped changed my life. Had it not been for the case managers here, I would still be in the same dangerous, violent relationship.  The counselors here provided me with the motherly love that I needed and did not have.  They helped to mold me into becoming more mature and to become more focused in the fact that (1) I was about to become a mother (2) I needed take care of myself, learn how to be safe, and find appropriate ways to deal with men.

In addition, HBP provided me with things that I needed but couldn’t afford because I was not financially stable, such as diapers, wipes, a car seat, and even food.  In my experience this program is vital to the community. The people that work at HBP are loving, caring, and understanding. Many have been in our situation. They are good role models for young women who are trying to raise children well.

HBP is like the heart of a good woman. The staff members know how to raise a child and take care of him mentally, emotionally, and physically.  They show us how. I know that God has put this program in place to help women who would otherwise be lost and not know what to do.