We provide services, pregnancy support, and parenting support for at-risk D.C. women and families.


Teen Parent Empowerment Program (TPEP)
We provide comprehensive health, education, and support services to young adults ages 13-21, equipping them to be responsible parents, prevent repeat pregnancies, complete high school or a GED program, continue with college, careers, or other post-high school options, and move them out of the cycle of poverty.

Through this teen-driven program, we promote primary health care, abstinence choices, family planning, pregnancy prevention services, HIV/STD testing, health education, bonding and attachment to children, counseling, case management, referrals and academic support, and college preparation.

Home Visiting Program/Family Support Program
Home visiting provides personal, hands-on, home visits for pregnant and parenting women and families. A Family Support Worker partners with parents and families to increase bond and attachment with parent and child through parent-child activities. Family Support Worker also connect families to community resources such as education, temporary assistance, workforce development and skills to acquire permanent housing. Our Home Visiting Program serves families during pregnancy until children are up to five years old.

Fatherhood Program
Weekly support and counseling program that equips men to be effective fathers. Developing Dads also provides employment and education referrals, parenting training, substance abuse counseling, and case management.

Ready for Baby

Ready for Baby are workshops specifically for pregnant and recently delivered mother. In the Ready for Baby workshops mothers and families will discuss the importance of nutrition, prenatal attachment, physical and mental balance during pregnancy. This class is every Tuesday from 12:00pm-2:00pm


SIHLE (Sisters Informing Healing Living and Empowering)

Our SIHLE Program, is a peer led social-skills training intervention aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior among sexually active, African American teenage females, ages 14-18.  SIHLE emphasizes ethnic and gender pride, and enhances awareness of HIV risk reduction strategies such as abstaining from sex, using condoms consistently, and having fewer sex partners.

Making Proud Choices

With the support of DC Campaign Pregnancy Prevention, HBP to begin educating the youth about STD, HIV and pregnancy prevention. This year we have selected Making Proud Choices! An Evidence-Based, Safer-Sex Approach to Teen Pregnancy and HIV/STD Prevention designed to give adolescents the tools they need to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy, HIV and other STDs. The goal is to increase knowledge and perceptions of personal vulnerability, develop positive attitudes toward safer sex, and build the skills and confidence needed to abstain successfully or to use safer sex practices willingly and effectively if they choose to be sexually active. 

This program is for DC youth ages 11-13 years old. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns about SIHLE or Making Proud Choices to Jazmine Brazier, Youth Services Coordinator at jbhealthybabiesproject@gmail.com.