Anya: Young Mom Struggles to Find D.C. Housing

My name is Anya. I am a 21-year-old single mother. My 3-month-old daughter is named Triniti.

In spring 2010, when I first learned I was pregnant, I moved from Easton, MD to Washington, DC. I thought my chances of finding a job and a place of my own would be greater in a bigger city.

Shortly after moving to DC, I got connected to Healthy Babies Project. There, I received prenatal care. I grew to love the HBP staff because they have provided consistent support. Their motive is always to benefit my daughter and me, and they have always been there for me.

Almost right away, I found a job at Champs Sports in Arlington, VA. But the second goal – finding housing – was much harder. While working I continued to search for housing, but even with considerable determination, I was unsuccessful. Most suitable housing was either unavailable or too expensive.  Waiting lists were two years or more. HBP staff encouraged me throughout the process.

In fact, at their suggestion, I moved back to MD to live with a family member. Although this has discouraged me, I’m thankful that with the help of my family, I am able to provide for my daughter. I continue to search for housing in the DC area so I can return to live and work there.

In my current (though temporary) home, I have no transportation and it is hard to find a job. Yet I continue to look and I will make the most of my situation. I’m grateful that Healthy Babies Project was there for me during my pregnancy and Triniti’s delivery. They helped me at an important time. Now with the help from others like you I am ready to take the next step to care for my daughter.  

Wish List

$5                    Baby formula
$40                  Food for mother and baby for a week
$300                3 days of emergency respite housing
$500                Food for mother and baby for 3 months

Ways you can make a difference

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