Eva: Teen Mom Masters Life Skills on the Road to a Brighter Future

My name is Eva. I am 18 years old and I have an eight-month-old daughter. 

Things have been hard for us, especially financially. When I was pregnant, I lived with my father. After giving birth I had to move out because the place was too small. But the staff at Healthy Babies Project worked with me to find housing. Because of their help and resources, I now have my own place for me and my baby.

I recently graduated from EBP (Effective Black Parenting), a program offered by Healthy Babies Project that trains new moms and dads in parenting skills. EBP taught me to prioritize and organize in order to be a more proactive parent. I also learned problem-solving skills. By thinking first, I am in a better position to negotiate instead of retaliate. This skill is not only helpful as a parent but also in work situations and everyday relationships. Also, I learned how to be a better parent by using appropriate discipline and by communicating with my child in a way she can understand. EBP has helped me be a better person over all.

Now I am enrolled in a program through PEECC (Progressive Educational Experiences in Cooperative Cultures), which is helping me prepare to get my GED and master other life skills such as computer operating, data entry, and filing. This is the next step towards a good job.

I am determined to better myself so I can provide for my child. The road has been rough for me, but I want to make sure that my child’s road is smoother and brighter.

Wish List

$10                  A bag of diapers
$25                  Outfit for baby
$50                  Shoes for mother and baby
$100                Professional clothes for classes, interviews, and work
$500                Books and supplies for a semester of vocational school

Ways you can make a difference

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