“HBP Is Like Family”

By Mone’t C.

Mone't and her sonHealthy Babies Project and Family Health and Birth Center are incredible.  These people help you and support you through anything.

I became a patient at the Birth Center at age 16. At 18, I enrolled in Healthy Babies Project when I was pregnant with my son.  I visited the center the most throughout my pregnancy.  I attended check-ups and attended group activities with Health Babies Project. A nurse and family support worker also made home visits to help me .

I felt very comfortable at HBP. The staff gave me a lot of education and help about being a new mom.  They showed me how to enroll in WIC. I still receive WIC now and it’s very helpful to my household.

Being in the HBP building is like being around family. Everyone knows you, offers help, support, education, and also nutrition.  They are always generous, smiling, and willing to help you in any way that they can.  I would refer any woman to the Family Birth Center and Healthy Babies Project.