To All the Grandmas-To-Be

In September 2011 we shared the story of HBP grandmother Rene’e B. whose daughter, HBP teen mom Diamonique, gave birth. Here is their update.

One Family’s Story: To All the Grandmas-To-Be

By Rene’e B.

Last year, I received that shocking phone call from the Family Health and Birth Center and learned that my teenage daughter Diamonique was pregnant.  At the time, a soft voice helped me take in the news.

Baby RomeoThat soft voice is still in my ear but it is now from someone else. Every morning when I come home from work, I hear my baby grandson, Romeo, say “Hi.”

This experience has brought me through some my best days and some of my worst.  At first, the thought of another mouth to feed was unbearable.  I already had financial problems. How can I do this? I wondered. But as I said right after Romeo was born, “With God, all things are possible.” That has been proven to me over and over again.

To All the New Grandmas-To-Be

Le me speak right now to the new grandmas-to-be. You might be going through what I went through with my teenage daughter – the fussing, the talking back, the rules you set down which she rebels against – and then she storms out of the house and is gone for days. No, her behavior is not OK. But God put us all on this earth for a reason. We all have to go through a test, one way or another.

Diamonique has put me through my test and I passed because I’m still standing and so is she. She is still home. Let me tell you to pray. He will answer when you cry out. Ask Him for your child’s life. Ask Him to bring your child back from the streets. Ask Him to bring your child back from the boys, even if she did get caught up. She is your child. She does not belong to the street.

Our new addition to our family has help take away a lot of pain and stress in my life. My daughter is home, and I never thought it would happen. But with God, all things are possible.

My Mom Keeps Me Close

By Diamonique W., HBP teen mom and TPEP participant

When my mom told me that we should write an update for Healthy Babies Project I asked, “Why? I go there every Thursday!” She explained it’s good to tell people personally, in black and white, that you appreciate them now.  So let me say thank you.

I also say “thank you” to my mom everyday … and “I’m sorry.” Let me clarify. I am not sorry that I have my son. I’m sorry she had to worry so much about me.

My mother is a strong woman. She has worked the night shift for over 25 years. Over time, she had built up so much leave that she could have taken a two-month vacation. Instead, she used it up by taking off of work to look for me during my pre-pregnancy days, when I wanted to be out in the street for days. My mom sacrificed to get me off the streets. Then, after I became pregnant, she made sure I was taking care of myself.

Now that my son –  her grandson –  is in the family, I still tell my mother thank you. These days, when she gets off from work, she comes home, takes my sisters and me to school, and then she goes home and take care of my son Romeo. Even when she comes home and look tired and sleepy and she should go to bed, but she will get my son and hold him. Mom, thank you for keeping me close.

Family Thanks To All

To this day my family always give our thanks to our extended support family: Ms. Regine, Ms. Kahlil, Ms. Ruth of the Healthy Babies Project, and Ms. Kim King who still calls to check at times, and Erica, who we see doing clinic visits. Thank you all for your open door policy. Thank you for your one-on-one support when those crying days came through, and thank you for the hugs you gave.