One Child’s Story: “My Mommy’s Happy Voice is Back”

One Child’s Story: “We Have a Home, and My Mommy’s Happy Voice is Back”

Second in a series
By W.D.C.*

We’re staying at the shelter. My mommy has been looking hard for a real place to call home. I can feel that my mommy is worried. She sleeps a lot and has lost her happy voice.

But my mommy has not given up. She is working with someone at Healthy Babies Project called her “case manager,” who is a kind and smart lady. The case manager helps my mommy navigate the system. As much as Mommy has been on her own, she still wasn’t prepared to handle these details alone. Mommy and her case manager have visited lots of apartments. But the building supervisors keep telling her that she doesn’t have enough income to be able to rent any of them. It’s the truth. So the case manager helped her fill out paperwork for rental assistance.

The Phone Call

But then, The Phone Call came! The case manager telephoned my mommy and told her that the referral for her housing had been approved. I could tell Mommy was excited and scared at the same time. Living in the  shelter is safe. The shelter has rules so everyone is treated fairly.  But at the same time, the shelter can be scary and lonely, even though we’re surrounded by so many people.

The Happy Voice

Now, for the first time in a long time, I heard my mommy’s happy voice! She has had the happy voice since The Phone Call. I’m so glad my mommy is happy again. I hope this time it lasts.

Moving Day comes. The building looks nice.  The people behind the desk smile at me, at us, and they make us feel at home.  They don’t even seem to be bothered that I explore everything.  They take us to our new apartment. It’s clean and there’s lots of sunlight.  This must be what I overheard my mommy praying for. I think we’re going to stay!  That’s good because I like it.  My mommy’s case worker takes my picture in my new house.  She tells me, “This is your new home.” 

Even though I don’t talk a lot, I understand.  My mommy’s prayers were answered.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.  I can’t wait to see the happiness stick around.

*W.D.C.’s mother continues to receive support at HBP.  We are proud of her for listening and doing her part. You can help HBP provide housing for more homeless teens by giving here. If you know a pregnant woman or expectant family who needs help, please refer them to HBP at (202) 396-2809.

* name changed for confidentiality