New Grandma and New Mom Share Phenomenal Birth Experience

By Rene’e B., HBP grandmother

I am the mother of three young ladies. One day, I received a shocking phone call from the Family Health and Birth Center. I learned that my teenage daughter Diamonique was pregnant. I was struck dumb. At the time, I could only think the worst. Now all I can say is with God, all things are possible.

A soft voice helped me take in the news. “Hello,” I heard. “Are you still there?” That kindness was just the first indication of the wonderful support our family received throughout my daughter’s pregnancy, childbirth, and delivery. Diamonique was enrolled in the Teen Parent Empowerment Program (through Healthy Babies Project) and as a patient at the Family Health and Birth Center (FHBC).

Why the Partnership Made a Difference

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch my daughter mature and grow through her pregnancy and be at her side doing her labor. The FHBC classes paid off. She was ready for childbirth in every way from her breathing, to staying focused, and even down to when it was time to push. The whole labor process was great.

Diamonique also had a very good support group during delivery: along with me, her aunt Cassandra, her sisters Cassandra and Alexus, and her best friend Teisha. After just one call to Healthy Babies Project, more love poured through to my cell and more support arrived at the birthing center to be with our family in shifts.

Gratitude for HBP and FHBC

The whole scene was special for me but the most memorable part was when I held Diamonique during her contractions. I felt her every pain. When she was ready to push, she asked to get into the birthing tub. I would not have missed this moment for anything: the warm water, relaxing water sounds, low lights, and her deep breathing helped her bring my grandson into world at 0311 on Sunday, September 4. He is the first boy in the family, the first great-great-grandchild in the family, and the first in the fifth generation.

There is just one word to explain my daughter’s experience: phenomenal. Thanks to our extended support family, Ms. Regine, Ms. Kahlil, Ms. Ruth, and Ms. King of Healthy Babies Project, Midwives Jamie, and Erica, birth assistant Sonija, and the Douala of the FBHC, I will continue to pass the word about the great staff and support team at both Healthy Babies Project and the Family Health and Birth Center. Thank you all for helping our family bring a healthy new addition to our family.

By Diamonique W., HBP teen mom and TPEP participant

My experience giving birth was filled with all kinds of emotions. At first, I was scared to have my baby in the water because I didn’t know if he was going to choke or drown. Then I worried that something might go wrong or that I might have to push for an hour.

How HBP and FBHC Helped

But the staff helped calm me. During my contractions I was in pain, but as I thought about my baby I relaxed and even occasionally fell asleep. One of my fears disappeared when I only had to push for five minutes. Another fear left when I knew everything was okay with my baby. The staff, midwives, other helpers and my family stayed with me, encouraged me, and kept my spirit good. Soon, I pushed my little boy out. There he was – a handsome, strong, healthy baby! Without my family and my support team at Healthy Babies Project, I don’t think I would have had a water birth, but now I’m so glad I did.

What I’d Tell Another Teen Mom

This was the best experience I’ve ever had. If I could give a pregnant teen advice, I’d tell her that there is hope. Get the support you need. Contact Healthy Babies Project and learn how to be the best mom you can be.

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