Narissa: New Teen Mom Gets GED, Enrolls in Training

My name is Narissa and I am 19 years old. I was first introduced to Healthy Babies Project by a friend when I came to the center for a pregnancy test. When I found out that I was indeed pregnant, I continued to come to the birth center for prenatal visits. But soon, my mother convinced me to have an abortion. We moved away from the area for about a year. It was a difficult time.

In March 2009 I returned to the center and found out that I was pregnant again. The only place I wanted to come to guide me through my pregnancy was Healthy Babies Project. So I re-enrolled in the Teen Parent Empowerment Program (TPEP).

Along with prenatal appointments at the center, I was also seen by HBP nurses. They were persistent in following up with me, helping me with personal issues, and monitoring the progress of me and my baby. I came to the center regularly to attend parenting classes with other moms-to-be. This was a great experience for me because it gave me something to do that was fun and enlightening for me as a new mom.  

After the birth of my son, I felt ready to take care of him knowing I had the training, help, and support of the HBP staff. During that time I struggled to get back in school and find a stable home for me and my son. The staff at Healthy Babies Project helped me remember my goals and dreams before I had my son – and helped me put together a couple of new ones to achieve.

Together we set about to reach those goals one at a time. While I continued to attend classes and get support at the center, I moved out of my son’s father’s house and relocated to my mother’s home. Now I have my GED and have started cosmetology school at Aveda Institute. In 12 months I will complete that course and be able to work while studying medical billing and coding online.  I owe my respects to Healthy Babies Projects for helping me achieve these goals and build a new life. Thanks to all who support this wonderful organization.

Wish List

$10                  A bag of diapers
$25                  Outfit for baby
$50                  Shoes for mother and baby
$100                Professional clothes for classes, interviews, and work
$500                Books and supplies for a semester of vocational school

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