HBP Teen’s Overwhelming Holiday Gratitude

HBP Teen: “We would not have had a Christmas without you”

By Trish M.

I’m 15 years old and pregnant with my first child. My older sister referred me to Healthy Babies Project. I’m glad she did.

child reading a book

Photo courtesy of Tim Lundin Photography*

It’s been very difficult to try to take care of myself, prepare for the baby, and stay in school. Both of my parents have learning disabilities.  They tried their best to raise myself and my siblings, but it was difficult for them to manage their own lives. I live with my grandmother in a one-bedroom apartment. It is crowded but I am grateful for a place to live.

I get sad when I think about bringing my daughter into the world with nothing. No crib, baby clothes, blankets or toys. I want my child to feel special. I don’t want my child to have the same childhood I had – moving from place to place, not having a place to call my own, and hardly ever seeing my family (siblings and parents) because they live on the other side of town.

My baby’s father, Lucas, provides me support, but he is a teenager just like me. He too wants a better life for all of us.

This Christmas I had the most wonderful surprise. I attended the Adopt-a-Family event at Healthy Babies Project. I received wonderful things to welcome home my baby girl, whereas before I had nothing!

Thank you to all who made our holiday truly memorable. We would not have had a Christmas if it wasn’t for you!  We wish you and your family the best and may God bless you for giving us everything we needed for the baby. We are young and we cannot provide that much for her.  So, we want to thank you. I hope that in the future, I finish school and someday can do the same for people who are in a situation like us.

A note from Lucas

To expand on what the beautiful mother of my child said, I was very surprised and honored to be selected to receive such nice gifts for my daughter.  It brings joy to my heart to know there are good people who provide these services. We are thankful.  May God bless you.

Lucas S.

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*Photo by Tim Lundin, Tim Lundin Photography