Asia: Teen Mom Raises Siblings, Faces Risky Pregnancy

My name is Asia. I am twenty years old and have a six-month old daughter named Serenity.

I have been climbing the ladder to become a better person in life. I want to give my child the best and I want to be able to provide for her. I have had a lot of downfalls in life, but those struggles have made me a better person.

Last year, I lost my mom to brain cancer. I was just nineteen years old, and I suddenly became a mother to my two younger teenage siblings.

Plus, I learned that I was pregnant. The doctors told me that the baby might have Down syndrome, and I was unsure whether or not to carry the pregnancy to term. I was about 21 weeks’ pregnant when I got connected to Healthy Babies Project. The staff gave me a lot of support. I chose to keep my baby. Now she is six months old and completely normal – in fact, she is growing well and doing what a baby her age is supposed to do. 

I live with my younger siblings and Serenity and care for them.  I would like to have my own place to live with my daughter and make a life for us.  I know I will make it. God is on my side. It is a blessing to be part of a program like Healthy Babies Project.

HBP’s resources have helped me a lot. When I first came to HBP, I was depressed. They connected me to counseling. The staff members have walked with me through all of my experiences in the last year. One of the biggest blessings has been the family support worker. I call her whenever I feel down or discouraged and feel I cannot handle these responsibilities. She comes to my place and talks to me. We end up laughing together.

I am now attending TPEP (Teen Parent Empowerment Program) which is teaching me to be a better parent to Serenity. I have asked my older brother to help with my younger siblings. Soon, I will start classes that will allow me to obtain my GED. That way I can find a better job and eventually go to college. I want to be able to provide for my daughter so together we can have a better life.

My experiences – losing my mom, taking on the responsibility of raising my siblings, having a child – did not make me want to give up. Instead, they have made me want to fight for a better life. I am a strong human being. Even though I struggle and sometimes feel alone, I have had Healthy Babies Project to help me. I am very grateful.

Wish List

$10                  A bag of diapers
$25                  Outfit for baby
$50                  Shoes for mother and baby
$100                Professional clothes for classes, interviews, and work
$500                Books and supplies for a semester

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