Angel: Working Teen Mom CNA Returns to College

My name is Angel.  I have recently become a mother. Being a single mom is very stressful, especially financially. The father of my child provides little financial assistance.

Every day, I am grateful for everything that God has given me.  However, I am still in need of some assistance, which I trust Him to provide. I am thankful for all that I have benefited from Healthy Babies Project. I took advantage of their resources because I knew I needed help to understand how to raise a child. While I was enrolled in TPEP (Teen Parenting Empowerment Program), I attended all the classes. A generous donor provided a crib for my baby.  Other social services were helpful, too.

Fortunately, I have a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Now, after maternity leave, I have gone back to work. I plan to go to college next fall to better my situation.

Sometimes I feel like I am working in vain because it is so hard to make ends meet. But things would be worse if I did not have a job. I still live at my mother’s house, and I hope to get my own home for me and my child before the end of this year. HBP and the staff have encouraged me and helped me a great deal. Although things are hard for me now, I have hope for the future. I look forward to it.

Wish List

$10                  A bag of diapers
$25                  Outfit for baby
$50                  Shoes for mother and baby
$100                Professional clothes for classes, interviews, and work
$500                College books for a semester

How you can make a difference

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