Stories of Success

Experience the power of transformation and hope! Read these inspiring stories from at-risk D.C. families who have had healthy babies and are moving out of the cycle of poverty – thanks to HBP.

One Teen’s Story

HBP Graduate Becomes Doula, Coaches New Mom in Childbirth

One Teen’s Story: I Could Have Been a Statistic, But I’m Not
By Nyla R.

One Teen’s Story: My Journey from Doubt to Determination
By Vanessa W.

One Teen’s Story: “Having Someone Care Is the Most Precious Gift”
By Shawanna B.

One Teen’s Story: “A Parent Never Gives Up!”

One Teen’s Story: HBP Teen’s Overwhelming Holiday Gratitude
by Trish M.

One Teen Shares Her Pain: “Invisible Daughters” – a poem
by Jocelyn N.

A Family’s Story

One Family’s Story: “To All the Grandmas-To-Be Out There”

New Grandma and New Teen Mom Share Phenomenal Birth Experience

A Guy’s Story

One Guy’s Story: “HBP Attacks Problems Head-On”

Success Story: “HBP Taught Me to be a Responsible Dad”

A Child’s Journey

One Child’s Story: “My Mommy’s Happy Voice is Back”
by W.D.C.

One Child’s Story: “No One Can See Me or Hear Me”
by W.D.C.

Our Clients’ Success Stories

Success Story: Statutory Rape Victim Builds New Life at HBP

Success Story: Abandoned Teen Grateful for HBP “Village”

Success Story: HBP Client Overcomes Depression and Domestic Violence to Keep Her Dream Alive

Success Story: “I’m a New Person”
by Nichelle N.

Success Story: “Now I Have Hope for a Safe Home”
by Reniece T.

Success Story: “I Didn’t Know Where I’d Lay My Head”
by Kendra S.

Success Story: “HBP is Like Family
by Mone’t C.

Success Story: From Homeless to Helping Others
by Joetta F.

Success Story: “Now I Can Help Other Young Women
by Cassandra B.

Success Story: “HBP Helped Me Leave a Violent Situation
by Jewell G.

Success Story: “HBP Helped Me Focus on My Dreams and My Child”
by D. C.

New Beginnings

Read more about our Celebrate New Beginnings campaign here.

Simone: Abandoned New Mom Builds a New Life

Kendyll: Teen Mom Faces Housing Crisis in Gang Neighborhood

Shaylynn: Katrina Victim Relocates to D.C.

Asia: Teen Mom Raises Siblings, Faces Risky Pregnancy

Zoe: Young Mom Battles Depression and Loss

Charlene: Abuse Victim is Working to Build a Healthier Life for Her Son

Jade: New Mom Returns to College After Pregnancy

Anya: Young Mom Struggles to Find D.C. Housing

Eva: Teen Mom Masters Life Skills on the Road to a Brighter Future

Narissa: New Teen Mom Gets GED, Enrolls in Training

Angel: Working Teen Mom CNA Returns to College

Ciara: New Mom Wants to Return to College

Ebony: New Single Mom in College Against Odds

Success Story: Homeless Teen Builds a New Life for Herself, Her Child