TPEP The Remix

Also called “Phase III,” TPEP the Remix is an extension of TPEP (Teen Parent Empowerment Program.) It provides support for supports parents between the ages of 12-21, offering these TPEP graduates with the continued support, services, and resources so they can establish careers or continue to high school, college or other post-high school options.

Remix sessions are held weekly on Monday evenings from September to May at Healthy Babies Project.

2012 TPEP retreat classThe Content

While TPEP addresses primarily parenting, mother and infant health, and baby care, Remix’s goal is to educate teen parents in safe sex and personal financial responsibility. Topics include education, health and wellness, employment and job readiness, financial literacy, and safe sex.

The Approach

Remix’s approach uses a combination of discussion, instruction, reflection and humor in a series of group sessions. The program engages participants in high-interest, hands-on activities that offer a balance of age-appropriate programming including academic support, enrichment, job skills, college prep, and health education.

Classroom Material

Remix programming uses SiHLE (Sisters Informing, Healing, Living, Empowering) a special evidenced-based, small group skills-training intervention designed to reduce risky sexual behaviors in female African-American adolescents and equip them to be sexually healthy.  In addition, HBP works in partnership with local collaborators to provide high-caliber personal finance management education, job readiness training, and life skills development in to ensure that teens are financially secure as possible when they enter their new parenthood roles.

Outside Learning Experiences

Another important element of Remix are exciting outside learning experiences ranging from field trips to service projects. Recent outside learning experiences have included college tours (UDC, Howard University, Morgan State University and St. Paul’s College), trips to area museums and theaters, bowling nights, and movie nights.

Leadership Opportunities

Remix gives teen parents the chance to serve as alumni, sharing their experiences and supporting teen parents and parents-to-be enrolled in TPEP, and helping to plan programming for the next TPEP cycle. Ultimately, we hope to produce a cadre of young parents who have been so trained and motivated that responsible sexual and health behaviors coupled with the maintenance of a positive outlook and attitude to life becomes part of their nature.

Additional Benefits

TPEP the Remix participants earn TPEP Bucks which can be redeemed at the TPEP store. They receive healthy meals and childcare services during each session.  Transportation tokens are provided.

For more information about TPEP Remix, contact Healthy Babies Project at (202) 396-2809 or email us.