“Healthy Babies Project is my family in the District of Columbia. Activities like prenatal yoga, parenting support, and the parenting program got me on track with getting into college. I now attend the University of the District of Columbia. As a teen, unfortunately our voices are not often heard, but HBP gave me that voice.”

Rochele N.

“By being involved in the Teen Parent Program at Healthy Babies, I was able to learn how to nurture, care for, discipline, and love my son. Currently, I’m working as a teen parent assistant at Healthy Babies. I’m able to share my story with other young mothers who come through the program so they don’t feel they are alone.

Cassandra B.

“The minute we walk in the door, it is like coming home to a family reunion. The HBP team showers us with love.”

Beth W.

“HBP changed my life. If it were not for the case managers, I would still be in a domestic violence situation. They helped me mature and become more focused on becoming a mother and learning to take care of myself to be safe.”

Jewel G.

“The people who work here are loving and caring. They’ve been in our situation. They are good role models for young women who are trying to raise children.”

Jen H.

“Healthy Babies Project – the entire team – they’re like the heart of a good woman. They know to raise a child and take care of that child mentally, emotionally, and physically. A lot of young women would not know what to do without them.”

Jessica K.

“Healthy Babies is the mother that I lost so long ago. They offer me all things that I did not get from my family.”

Romana S.

“I was homeless and pregnant at the time I became a participant in the Healthy Babies Project. I’d given up trusting people. But the staff and volunteers at Healthy Babies showed me love, respect, and concern.”

Cantrice B.

“The Healthy Babies staff became my family. I had a complication with my pregnancy and needed to be on bed rest. Administrators a the shelter where I was staying said I couldn’t do that. I started crying. But a HBP staff member told me that everything would be all right. She called and made it possible for me to get the rest I needed, when I needed it. I was so thankful. It’s been a very long time that I’ve had someone I could turn to.”

Danielle C.

“At age 16, I found myself pregnant, scared, and unsure what to do. I’d been born to teen parents, but I chose a different path than they did. The first stepping stone for me was Healthy Babies Project. Through HBP, I learned how to care for a newborn baby and how to take better care of myself. HBP helped with child care, which assisted me in my personal goal to stay in school and graduate with my class. Eventually, I got a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. It was because of HBP and a support system that I was able to do this.”

Lisa H.

“My husband and I both lost our jobs and I was nursing our third child when found out I was pregnant. HBP became my refuge. Sometimes I went to HBP just to lie down, cry, or talk. Other times I came for prenatal care classes, to do laundry, or to get help with food. My counselor would visit me at home just to make sure I was alright. My twin boys were born happy and healthy. Thanks to HBP, I feel I have conquered a mountain.”

Belinda C.