TPEP Retreat Equips Teen Parents with Decision-Making and Life Skills

2014 TPEP Retreat“Trust.”


“Making good decisions.”

“Working together.”

Those are just a few of the principles teen parents and parents-to-be learned as part of TPEP’s one-day retreat on June 25 during an adventure learning experience at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park (Clifton, VA.)

Staff with Adventure Links led HBP teens through activities to stimulate leadership development, communication, decision making, and team building. “It was exciting to see our teen parents rise to the challenges,” said Kahlil Kuykendall, TPEP director. “The adventure day helped them learn how capable they truly are.”

What Teen Parents Say About the Experience

The outdoor day included a blindfold walk around obstacles, art project, and trust exercise, culminating in a 300-foot zip line experience which one teen dad described as “amazing.”

“The trip was life transforming,” said Ashley T., one participant. “I learned a lot about myself and strength as a woman and mother.”

Her sentiments were echoed by the rest in the group. “This was my first time zip lining and I loved it. I enjoyed meeting and problem-solving with new people,” said Betty F. “The experience was different but exciting and the team building activities were the best! HBP rocks… thank you!”

As the 2013-2014 TPEP cycle nears completion, the retreat was one more means for HBP clients to learn outside the classroom, have new life experiences, and acquire life skills. TPEP-ers had the opportunity to discover how they deal with stress and respond in different situations. The adventure staff worked with teens to process each experience and pinpoint what they learned.

“Our teen moms and dads surprised themselves,” said Kahlil. “It was a beautiful journey of self-discovery.”

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