Iconic Hip Hop Pioneer MC Lyte Visits Perennial House

On Friday, September 20, legendary hip hop artist MC Lyte and author, entrepreneur and financial coach Lynn Richardson from Hip Hop Sisters Network toured Perennial Transitional House. We thank these hip hop royalty from the bottom of our hearts for another example of their love and commitment reaching back and never forgetting about your young sisters. Thanks so much for your inspiration and tireless efforts to make a difference in our community.

Afterwards, two Perennial House residents share their open letter to MC Lyte.

An Open Letter to MC Lyte

MC Lyte at Perennial House

MC Lyte at Perennial House

By Darnisha T. and Latoya M.

Cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.” This quote reminded us of the day you and your friend Lynn Richardson visited us here at Perennial House. That day we saw this quote come to life. Your presence changed our outlook and our lives.

Every day at Perennial House, we see the blessings that arise when people want to help the community. However, every day we are also reminded of the struggles we will face as young mothers. Society and statistics tell us that we are going to fail. Both expect us to be pregnant again before our first child is even one year old … that we will never finish school … that we will only work a minimum wage job … that we will never have a career. Society doesn’t care to hear about our desires or our dreams. Statistics don’t care to know how it is that we came to be in our situation.  Rather, both just tell us that we will never succeed.

You reminded us that no matter what hardships we face, we can always achieve our dreams. You shared your story of a childhood with a single mom who worked hard to keep you safe and to provide for you. One of the biggest influences in your life was your supportive mother. Your story inspired us and encouraged us. You showed us the need to focus on our children and on achieving our dreams.

After meeting with you and speaking with you, we were motivated to press forward. Each of us wrote a resume. Both of us have now applied for jobs. We have even started to volunteer our time to tell other teens our stories.  Further,  we visited the Hip Hop Sisters Network website and after learning more about your organization we have applied for the Hip Hop Sisters Network internships, hoping to further develop our professional and academic skills and talents.

One of the biggest things that we learned from you is that we are more than a statistic. Statistics are nothing but just numbers, for statistics say that we shouldn’t have even had the opportunity to meet you. Rather than listening to society telling us that we are going to fail, we can understand our amazing potential. We are stronger than anyone can know because we will overcome more than the average person.

We are truly grateful for your visit to Perennial House. Thank you for volunteering your time to help bring a smile to our faces and encouragement to our hearts.


Darnisha T. &  Latoya M.