Perennial Transitional House for Teen Parents

Homeless teen parents transition to independent living at Perennial Transitional House

Located at 4501 Grant Street NE, Washington, DC, Perennial Transitional House provides transitional housing  for homeless teen mothers and their babies enrolled in HBP programs and preparing for independent living. The  facility includes 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large community room, security area, waiting room, kitchen, storage, laundry room, front yard, and back deck. It is three blocks from the metro and accessible to HBP services.
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Half to two-thirds of the teen parents we serve are homeless. Your support for Perennial Transitional House means today’s homeless teen parents have a place to lay their heads, prepare to give birth, continue their education, and transition to independent living, thereby serving many more generations in the months and years to come.

About Our Name

A perennial refers to a plant that continues to bloom year after year over a lifetime. “Perennial House” is a fitting name for this facility in that teen parents come to us at a new beginning in their lives. We equip them to put down strong roots in parenting, life skills, health, and careers that last a lifetime. Our name is also a tribute to major partner The Perennial Strategy Group and its founder/CEO, Lamell McMorris, a lifelong advocate of the less fortunate.

Special Sponsorship Opportunities: Needs List

Perennial House is currently in need of:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • 3 humidifiers
  • 2 ironing boards and irons
  • tool kit
  • swing set
  • outdoor benches

    Contact us by email or at (202) 396-2809 for more information about supporting Perennial Transitional House with your gifts.

    Special Opportunity: Become a Perennial Monthly Partner

    Our goal is to have Perennial House become sustained by partners who support our work with monthly gifts. A simple monthly donation may not make a large dent in your budget, but just $50, $25, or even $10 a month make a real difference in the life of a child or family.   It’s easy, convenient and safe to give monthly through our secure server. You can even set up your giving to automate monthly. Click here to give and learn more.